UNCANNY is the studio practice of George Muncey and Elliott Elder


DANGER MOUSE + BLACK THOUGHT - Strangers feat. A$AP Rocky & Run The Jewels - Music Video
4 mins 8 seconds, 3840×2160
Claustrophobic enslaught of a beat, tight lyricism and densely packed list of features visualised as a united frenzy.

Matilda Lyn - Logotype - Design
Analogue folk craft paired with leftfield digital production techniques.

Matilda Lyn - A Bowl of Unripe Fruit - Music Video
3 mins 25 seconds, 3840×2160

Matilda Lyn - Wait for Me - Music Video
2 mins 46 seconds, 3840×2160

Nike - ACG Morocco
1 min, 1080×1920
Score - Slugabed.

Kassa Overall - Make my way back home ft. Nick Hakim & Theo Croker - Music Video
4 mins 02 seconds, 3840×2160
Visuals that mirror Kassa's dizzying avant-garde style. Suspended cameras interweaving with limb mounted performances.

slowthai - UGLY WORLD TOUR poster series

slowthai - SELFISH - Music Video
3 mins 23 seconds, 3840×2160
Fury & self reflection visualised in a room of one way mirrors. Filmed in one take immediately after spending twenty-four hours imprisoned within. Co-directed with the rest

Photography/Design/Art direction.

Time-mapped inner sleeve lyric sheet & centrelabel design.

slowthai - UGLY POP UP - Merch
S, M, L, XL
Bespoke hand printed designs for slowthai's UGLY rough trade pop up.

slowthai - FEEL GOOD - Music Video
2 mins 27 seconds, 3840×2160
Alternative take on the 'reaction video'. Co-directed with the rest

Deb Never - Momentary Sweetheart - Music Video
3 mins 23 seconds, 3840×2160
Temporary / fleeting moments in time, visualised as a self-overwriting video constructed out of ephemeral materials.

Loyle Carner - Nobody Knows (Ladas Road) - Music Video
3 mins 11 seconds, 3024×3024
Using infrared to visualse alienation from the world and living with a burden that’s invisible to so many.

Kasabian - Algorithms Music Video
3 mins 12 seconds, 3840×2160
Analogue and machine thought processes, visualised by a logic tree lyric system and refilmed on a e-ink display.

BROCKHAMPTON - Road runner - Visual Album
44 mins, 1920×1080
Dataset alchemy & video. A reflective album, visually paired with imagery of their past selves warping into their present.

slowthai - HELL IS HOME
Tour visuals
Direction, animation and merch for slowthai's 2022 UK tour
Direction: Lewis Rest
Stage Design: Lewis James

Humanrace - Selfridges
Visualising Pharrell's products making their way across the pond

babii - SCREAMER
90×130 mm
3D Printed + hand stickered cassette case

Pharrell Williams X Adidas - HU_NMD_S1_RYAT
A dizzying collaged video + score mirroring a boot of equally bolted & mixed mediums paired with logo referencing its jagged forms
Creative Direction: Jonny Lu Studio

Peter Talisman - Lord of the Harvest
Visual syndication and hand chiseled lettering for Peter Talisman — The Lord of the Harvest

03:37, 1920×1080
Synchronous splitscreen limb mounted capture of a day

Nike - Fast family
AI assisted evolutions of Nike's Fast family
with Softpower.xyz

DANGER MOUSE + BLACK THOUGHT - Because feat. Joey Bada$$, Russ and Dillan Cartlidge- Music Video
2 mins 33 seconds, 1920×1080
VR onetake performance of a hyperreal New York

Disclosure - Waterfall
Visual distorations & cascading type system
Video reactive stem player website made in collaboration with Olly Bromham